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Perception Outlaw Paddle

Perception Outlaw Paddle
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A customized fishing paddle for the Outlaw 11.5 kayak.

Designed to perform well with the Perception Outlaw kayak, this paddle is also compatible with other fishing kayaks that anglers feel comfortable standing on.

Three-piece design allows paddler to easily convert from kayak to SUP paddle - so that Outlaw owners can more easily paddle their boat from a standing position
comes with grip/shaft that can be exchanged with one of the blades for the standup paddling mode
230cm base paddle with up to 20cm of additional length adjustment
Kayak assembly has an adjustable length range from 230cm to 250cm
SUP assembly has an adjustable length range from 188cm to 208cm
Durable injection-molded blades and anodized aluminum shaft
Mid-sized asymmetric blade with dihedral for improved boat control without blade flutter
Infinite feathering options
Aluminum shaft with fiberglass-reinforced polypro blades minimize weight without compromising durability
Approximate Weights: Kayak Paddle with 2 Blades (2.9 lbs.), SUP Paddle with 1 Blade and Grip (2.2 lbs.), Total Weight of 3 Pieces (3.6 lbs.)

Part Numbers

729282115911 8080064 210000011162