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Meet the MAC Crew:

Here at Marietta Adventure Company, we are a close team working together to bring you something that goes beyond bike and kayak sales: a full-service shop. We love to provide visitors and locals information on our local trail systems and waterways, we repair bikes of all makes & models, and rent kayaks to use on our local waterways.

Here's a little bit about us:

Man riding bike in the snow

Ryan Smith: Light bulb-changer and Dreamer

Ryan returned to Marietta in 2005 after spending several years living out of a creekside RV in California. Having lived in a vibrant outdoor community in California, he saw possibility for growth in his hometown of Marietta and returned to set some groundwork. Ryan began the initiative for the Marietta City Trail System upon returning in 2005, and since then it has grown into a network of singletrack mountain bike trails nearly 30 miles long, all located within the City of Marietta.

Ryan is an experienced skier, mountain and road rider, climber, and enjoys outdoor adventures of all kinds. He grew up racing motocross and in the late 90's transitioned to mountain biking. While earning a degree at Marietta College, he also worked as a line manager at UPS. Ryan started the MAC shop in 2011 and is thrilled to have the opportunity to share information about our local biking & paddling resources with visitors and locals alike.  He drempt up the Rivers, Trails and Ales Festival and was one of the founding organizers in 2010.

Secret Obsession: Google maps!

Girl riding bike during the summer

Hallie Taylor: Assistant boat-handler and Curator of the No. 2 Gallery

Hallie pulls together the details of the MAC shop and keeps it all on track. Her first road bike was a silver Ross, pulled from the curbside trash in the mid-90's. Later she began road cycling more seriously when a friend who was training for triathlons needed a riding buddy. Hallie has spent time living in such places as Chengdu, Beijing, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, and of course, Marietta.  She earned a degree in Biology and Chinese language at Swarthmore College and was active in the local fire department. She later studied architecture and worked as a design consultant in New York City. Following that, spent a year travelling around South America. During her stint as a designer, her work was published in Interior Design magazine and also spent endless hours biking around NYC. Later, she returned to her hometown of Marietta with the goal of spending more time outdoors and spent several summers landscaping.

Since her return, Hallie helped Ryan start the MAC shop from the bones up and was a founder of the Rivers, Trails and Ales Festival, and the director for many years. Hallie grew up exploring local waterways and more recently enjoys mountain biking. She loves outdoor adventures and shenanigans. 

Man working on bike

Lincoln Smith: Wrench-turner and Beard-farmer

Lincoln is the resident service manager at Marietta Adventure Company and spends his days turning wrenches.  He grows a beard like a champ and enjoys exploring our local trail systems. 

Lincoln is a Marietta local who was born in Germany and spent several years in California before moving to Marietta with his family. He spent 9 years working for the phone company troubleshooting, and also studied electrical and mechanical engineering at U. Akron and Washington State CC.  He is an enthusiastic positive force in the shop. He loves to talk with visitors and is as good with kids as he is with adults.  He has a collection of Stans monsters and appreciates a good cup of coffee.

Nickname: Stinky!

Man working on bike wheel

Evan Maze: Mechanic

Spinning pedals and twisting wrenches is what he does best. He loves mountain biking, gravel riding, bike commuting, and can also be found toting his daughter around the trails.  Evan is indifferent when it comes to most subjects, is possibly the nicest person in the world and enjoys going with the flow!

Favorite Band: Radiohead

Older man racing a mountain bike

Bill Lane: Shop Hand

Bill has long been a fixture in the local mountain biking scene, and is widely involved in encouraging new trail riders in the area. He has helped organize local events such as the Challenge at Mountwood, Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day, Wayne National Forest/RVMBA trail-work days, and a number of other RVMBA events. He spends his retirement riding trails, biking and skiing in Truckee, California, as well as talking with folks about cycling of all levels at Marietta Adventure Company. He likes to keep busy!

Nickname: Wild Bill

Man posing in front of a background depicting the woods

Jeff Myers: Go Anywhere-Do Anything Mountain Man

Jeff has been a behind the scenes fixture at MAC for years helping to keep things running smooth. A man of many talents, Jeff's always ready to jump in and tackle whatever the day may bring! In his free time he enjoys competing in the West Virginia Enduro Series. With wilderness survival skills to rival Bear Grylls, Jeff is as hardcore as they come!

Favorite Band: Slayer

Man giving thumbs up while riding bike in front of mountains

Colby Pasour:

Introducing Colby, the oar-bending engineer-to-be, and the master of all things pedal-powered! With a bike for every occasion, Colby is the ultimate connoisseur of two-wheeled freedom, effortlessly transitioning from sleek road rides to rugged mountain trails and everything in between. His love for exploration doesn't end on land, Colby is also a seasoned rower, walking onto to the Marietta College team as a freshman. Balancing his passion for outdoor pursuits with his dedication to academic excellence, Colby embodies the perfect blend of brains and brawn, always ready to tackle any challenge head-on. 

Unadvertised Job Title: Lead IT Guy (This is only due to his age)

Man posing in front of a waterfall during the fall

Zack Dennis:

Say hello to Zack, the mountain-marauding, van-camping virtuoso with a penchant for hiking adventures! When he's not shredding on rugged trails or soaking in the scenic vistas atop majestic peaks, you'll find Zack cruising down winding roads in his trusty camper van. With a heart as wild as the terrain he traverses, Zack thrives on the adrenaline rush of conquering challenging mountain bike trails head banging to the sound of his i-9 hub. Armed with a backpack and a sense of wanderlust, he's always ready to embark on a new expedition, eager to explore hidden gems and forge unforgettable memories amidst nature's grandeur. If you ever need a mountain biking buddy, a van camping companion, or a hiking trailblazer, look no further than Zack – the outdoor enthusiast extraordinaire, forever chasing the horizon and living life one adventure at a time!

Favorite Color: Kashima Gold

Man on mountain bike posing in front of resort

Brandon Grayson:

Meet Brandon, the grease-monkey with a need for speed, balancing life as a service technician by day and tearing up the tracks as a motocross maverick by weekend! When he's not busy fine-tuning his machines to perfection, you'll catch Brandon zipping through the streets on his bike(s!), embracing the freedom of the open road with every pedal stroke. His love for adrenaline-fueled excitement doesn't stop there, Brandon is also a fearless competitor in the world of motocross, where he trades the tranquility of bike rides for the roar of engines and the thrill of flying over jumps. With a passion for both mechanical mastery and high-octane action, Brandon embodies the perfect blend of grease and grit, always ready to tackle whatever challenge comes his way. 

Man posing with disc golf discs in front of a disc golf goal

Evan Sexton:

Introducing Evan, the towering titan of the trails, the disc golf dynamo, and the music maestro all rolled into one! Standing tall amidst the trees, Evan is a mountain biker who conquers the most challenging terrain with the grace of a giant on wheels. But his adventures don't end there – you'll often find him perfecting his aim on the disc golf course, launching discs through the air with the precision of a pro. When he's not out in nature, Evan is likely grooving to the beat, immersing himself in the world of music. And did we mention he's really tall? Like, "can-see-over-everyone-at-concerts" tall. But don't let his height intimidate you – Evan's heart is as big as his stature, and he's always ready to share his passion for adventure, sports, and tunes with anyone who crosses his path.

Man on mountain bike wearing sunglasses

Brian Bonifas:

Meet Brian, the oar-swinging, pedal-pushing, outdoor-loving maverick from Marietta College! When he's not gliding through the waters of the Muskingum River, you can spot him zipping around town on his fixed-gear bike. With a perpetual grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye, Brian embodies the spirit of adventure, always seeking out the next thrill in the great outdoors. So, if you ever find yourself in need of a rowing partner or a biking buddy, just look for the guy with the sun-kissed cheeks and the unmistakable aura of adventure.

Fun Fact: Brian is one our resident Eagle Scouts!

Group of riders riding around town

Rockstar Seasonal Staff

Be sure to come say "Hi" to our seasonal staff!  You'll find returning faces Callix Miller and Brandon Grayson helping around the shop this season.

MAC Hall of Fame

Man with child posing in front of sasquatch

Matt Raese

Retail Staff 2020-2023

Girl posing with a white dog

Elyse Kornmiller

Retail Staff 2018-2022

Man posing in the night with a mountain bike

Nate Wigal

Shop Hand and Quick-Service Tech 2019-2022

Man with his BMX bike posing in front of brick wall

Marty Robinson

Quick-Service Tech 2020-2022

Man racing a mountain bike

Ethan Nedeff

Retail Staff 2019-2021

Woman jumping a mountain bike on a pump track

Stephanie Boso

Retail Staff 2016-2020

Woman with mountain bike posing in front of dinosaur mural

Jessica Renee

Retail Staff and Kayak Guide 2017-2019

Man jumping mountain bike

Caleb Hall

Shop Hand and Quick-Service Tech 2015-2018

Man posing in front of Great Wall of China

Christian Long

Head Boat Wrangler 2014-2015

Man posing at base of a waterfall

Lee Wittekind

Shop Hand 2014-2016

Man posing in front of a river

Jason Cristini

Boat Wrangler 2013

Man posing on top of mountain range with a long line of sight

Robert Kalter

Original Shop Hand 2012-2014